Praise for 10-Mile Radius

“I love 10-Mile Radius! A multilayered conversation about awareness, it’s surprising in its honesty, beautiful in its artistry, serious, funny, and tender all at once. Gwynn’s book is proof positive that, though we grow ill, or old, or diminished in a variety of ways, we don’t have to be diminished ourselves. Forced to slow down, we focus, we pay attention, and discover the infinite in a grain of sand—or within a ten-mile radius of home.”

—Janet Fitch, bestselling author of White Oleander, Paint it Black, and The Revolution of Marina M.

Cat Gwynn’s glorious book shows us how to passionately and deeply love a world in which pain is a part.

Kris Carr, bestselling author, wellness advocate, and cancer thriver

“The Buddha encouraged present time awareness and clear comprehension of all phenomena, both internal and external. In 10-Mile Radius, Cat Gwynn shares her deep and clear views on the immensity of being, the density of existence, the stages of decay, and the incredible light of Los Angeles. This book is a meditation. Enjoy.”

— Noah Levine, bestselling author, Buddhist teacher and founder of Against The Stream and Refuge Recovery Centers

“I opened 10-Mile Radius thinking I would learn about an experience with cancer. How wrong. What I found was the magic of the present moment. Words and images weave together to tell many stories, which all lead back to one simple idea: light and darkness are a pair. Whether she meant to or not, Cat Gwynn does nothing less than show us a path to a meaningful life.”

Samantha Dunn, author of Not By Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life

“The role of the artist is to chronicle, witness, interpret, and communicate. Gwynn turns a mirror to the viewer with every photograph. Where some see darkness, the work conveys hope, potential, renewal, and strength, while revealing the long and arduous road traveled to get there.”

Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography

“In 10-Mile Radius, Cat Gwynn invites us to join her on an artist’s journey of discovery through cancer—a journey she chose to accept as a profound affirmation of life and love. Cat’s photographic memoir of what she saw and felt on her way to healing reminds us that, whatever our restrictions, art sets us free and connects us to all life everywhere. Within Cat’s 10-Mile Radius, fear becomes hope, sorrow becomes joy, and heart becomes soul.”

Anne Stockwell, author, activist, and founder of Well Again Beyond Cancer

10-Mile Radius provides an exceptional template for finding meaning in the face of profound uncertainty. The book inspires through photographs and text to appreciate small moments, traces of humanity, and elegance in the ordinary through Cat’s remarkable eyes.”

Aline Smithson, photographer, founder and editor of Lenscratch, a daily journal of contemporary photography

“The line leading into Cat Gwynn’s remarkable 10-Mile Radius, ‘The urgency of life becomes a beautifully sharp lens,’ sets a poetic tone for this superb, unique symphony of both words and images. Speaking and shooting from within the belly of the beast, but able to step outside her personal narrative to speak of universal emotions with a clear lens and a clear pen, Gwynn has given us a gift for the ages: an original voice and an original eye, combining to take us on a very original—and thought-provoking—journey.”

— Peter Richmond, bestselling author of The Glory Game, My Father’s War, and Badasses